Here it is the middle of November and still too busy to really work on my conversion from Traveller to M-Space.  I might just tell the story as it was originally outlined and see what happens from there.

Chapter 1 - Lost in Space and Time The void of space was endless to the scanners with the exception of the asteroid belt at the edge of the scanning range. The on board flight control system had abruptly aborted the Faster than light jump due to an unknown error and shut the engines down.  The ship was now gliding on the path it would have been heading on anyway. The crew was still in cryogenic sleep and only the automated systems were aware that there was a problem. 
M-Space: A new way to play my Future Conquests adventure in 2017.

You take a gaming system like Mythras  and tweak the Sc-Fi side of it and here we are.

Unlike Star Trek images of ships in my game they are much more like these shown below.

Kind of  Starship Troopers style. The Darkcons have a little more alien looking vessels below.

And the colony ship that brought the Terrans to this solar system is like this one below.

All images shown here are only examples of the style of ships in my Universe and the images are the property of the creators, not me.
The Terran warships are created after the main settlement is established on Stefanzar. These are also the same types used in the board game.

Okay the stage is outlined and next we talk about how can I convert the Traveller based adventure into M-Space....
The world of RPG over the past 40 years has grown to become much more mainstream than it was when I started playing.
Fort Polk, LA in late 1978 a small group of guys in the barracks on North Fort were playing D&D.  I happened upon the group and watched from the sideline. I wondered to myself was this a new game or was these guys all having some kind of breakdown therapy.

I was invited to join them an they explained with excitement how it was played.  I actually passed on it and went for a motorcycle ride. I arrived in West Germany in January 1979 to the city of Bamberg.  After a few months of staring at the walls in the barracks I went to the recreation center.  This place was crawling with board games, miniatures and of course RPG players. I now took an interest in learning this game called D&D.  After learning how to play I found other games like Gamaworld, Metamorphisms-Alpha, and Traveller.  As a group we played through the different systems and then AD&D hit the sce…
Future Conquest the board game version of my adventure is seen below. Again from 1979.

The days before 3D computer space games

I hand made all the parts

I have both the hand written rules and the typed version I did later
 I read the rules recently and they were like Greek to me. In the photo was a player sheet to track the rounds.
More to come...

Back in 1979 one of the games that influenced me on the board game side was Imperium. This board game worked well with Traveller.

I used the play concept of this game to lay out my own board game with modifications.  I went so far as to make the little counters for all the different types of ships.  I also created the play board too. In those days it was easy to order from your Judges Guild catalog.

With all the great computer and game consoles out there today, something like this is still a lot of fun to play.

In my Adventure Future Conquests we have the Primary humanoid planet Stefanzar. It has three moons. The colonists have began to mine on the moons and send back the ore to the planet surface for refinement. Two moons have been Terraformed to support life.  The third moon is the smallest and has a large domed base.  The people are ruled by a Democracy established on the planet surface. A type of Confederation has been set up among the various groups on the planet and it's m…

Future Conquests: Modifying a story line from 1979 to 2017

Role Play Games:
Back 30 years ago I designed a Traveller RPG adventure that I am thinking of updating and try it in M-Space.

Back in 1979 I was playing D&D, Traveller, and Runequest as my main game systems. A few years back I bought into the new Runequest 6 system.  I revived some of my old work to reformat it to play again.
With RQ6 becoming Mythras and the creations of M-Space I started down a different path.

Future Conquests:
This is what I named my little piece of space and wrote a back story that I was also using for a table top board game too.  So when needed the players actually flew from the planet via the hex board and following the story line fought their common enemy.

Traveller and Imperium: My setting was a colony ship that developed mechanical problems and dropped out of FTL jump. It had suffered unknown damage and no FTL communication. The crew was awaken from sleep an traveled to a nearby solar system under impulse power. This sector was so remote and small it was no…