Back in 1979 one of the games that influenced me on the board game side was Imperium. This board game worked well with Traveller.

I used the play concept of this game to lay out my own board game with modifications.  I went so far as to make the little counters for all the different types of ships.  I also created the play board too. In those days it was easy to order from your Judges Guild catalog.

With all the great computer and game consoles out there today, something like this is still a lot of fun to play.

In my Adventure Future Conquests we have the Primary humanoid planet Stefanzar. It has three moons. The colonists have began to mine on the moons and send back the ore to the planet surface for refinement. Two moons have been Terraformed to support life.  The third moon is the smallest and has a large domed base.  The people are ruled by a Democracy established on the planet surface. A type of Confederation has been set up among the various groups on the planet and it's moons.

The Lizard planet is called Darkcon by the terrans. The actual name is too hard to say in human speak, so one of the commanders came up with the name and it has stuck. After the first contact between the two groups the humans knew it was a matter of time before the Lizard men came calling.

On Darkcon the people are ruled by a Totalitarianism ruler. Across the planet clans control the local populations. Each clan leader reports to the commander general in the capital. They have space flight but very primitive with the ability to only fly within the solar system. After the first encounter with the Terrans and the capture of a Terran ship they have began to reverse engineer the technology to include the weapons systems.

Our group of adventures start on the planet and meet up at the primary space port from an ad placed for a crew to man an explorer vessel looking for minerals on some of the other planets in the system.

More to come....


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