Future Conquests: Modifying a story line from 1979 to 2017

Role Play Games:
Back 30 years ago I designed a Traveller RPG adventure that I am thinking of updating and try it in M-Space.

Back in 1979 I was playing D&D, Traveller, and Runequest as my main game systems. A few years back I bought into the new Runequest 6 system.  I revived some of my old work to reformat it to play again.
With RQ6 becoming Mythras and the creations of M-Space I started down a different path.

Future Conquests:
This is what I named my little piece of space and wrote a back story that I was also using for a table top board game too.  So when needed the players actually flew from the planet via the hex board and following the story line fought their common enemy.

Traveller and Imperium:
My setting was a colony ship that developed mechanical problems and dropped out of FTL jump. It had suffered unknown damage and no FTL communication. The crew was awaken from sleep an traveled to a nearby solar system under impulse power. This sector was so remote and small it was not even registered on any star charts. It appeared as an asteroid belt but with in it was a star and a handful of planets. After scanning they ended up with only 2 inhabitable planets to support life.

The crew had no communication with anyone outside of their own ship. They awoke the colonist and explored the two planets. One was a planet with mainly water and Islands. These Islands were covered in jungles.  An ancient race of reptiles lived here and had evolved into basically Lizard men.
The first contact with the Lizard race did not go well for the colonist as they were killed and eaten.

The second planet was more like Terra and had a very young humanoid life form.  Because of this  they placed their ship in orbit around the primitive humanoid planet. Over time they wiped out most of the native life forms and created their own "New World".  They terraformed it to support the colonist and their animals. One small continent was left intact for the natives to live on and try to adapt to the climate changes in their world brought by the newcomers.

For Traveller I created a board game to go with it to play out space battles between the two planets.  The game picks up with the colonists trying to establish a base camp on the surface. You must remember I wrote this in 1979 so many of today's ideas were not around back then. With M-Space RPG I want to take the outline of a 22 year old and update to fit this system.
So as time permits I will see what I can do to bring this 1979 story line into 2017 and adapt it to the M-Space RPG.



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