M-Space: A new way to play my Future Conquests adventure in 2017.

You take a gaming system like Mythras  and tweak the Sc-Fi side of it and here we are.

Unlike Star Trek images of ships in my game they are much more like these shown below.

Kind of  Starship Troopers style. The Darkcons have a little more alien looking vessels below.

And the colony ship that brought the Terrans to this solar system is like this one below.

All images shown here are only examples of the style of ships in my Universe and the images are the property of the creators, not me.

The Terran warships are created after the main settlement is established on Stefanzar. These are also the same types used in the board game.

Okay the stage is outlined and next we talk about how can I convert the Traveller based adventure into M-Space....


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