The world of RPG over the past 40 years has grown to become much more mainstream than it was when I started playing.

Fort Polk, LA in late 1978 a small group of guys in the barracks on North Fort were playing D&D.  I happened upon the group and watched from the sideline. I wondered to myself was this a new game or was these guys all having some kind of breakdown therapy.

I was invited to join them an they explained with excitement how it was played.  I actually passed on it and went for a motorcycle ride.
I arrived in West Germany in January 1979 to the city of Bamberg.  After a few months of staring at the walls in the barracks I went to the recreation center.  This place was crawling with board games, miniatures and of course RPG players. I now took an interest in learning this game called D&D.  After learning how to play I found other games like Gamaworld, Metamorphisms-Alpha, and Traveller.  As a group we played through the different systems and then AD&D hit the scene. I bought each new book as they came available and we all had ton's of stuff from Judges Guild. In addition I bought all the three books "All the worlds monsters 1,2,and 3" The Chaosium was top dog cranking out stuff along with TSR .

I then went down the path to Runequest and only a few followed my steps.

Our Traveller group however grew and grew.  When you got a bunch of young soldiers sitting around you have a ready made group for RPG. 
I had as much fun creating characters as I did playing and adventure. I began to DM and GM several games over the next few years.
This blog will be around the adventure Future Conquests and the things we did back then...


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